For our dear guests we prepared a surprise - a small zoo, situated right on the territory of our complex. If your children or even you have never been to the village and haven’t seen ducks, chickens and pigs, you will get such an opportunity here. The Ukrainian proverb says - "you’ll never find two hens of the same kind", that’s why you’ll see fluffy Cochins, dwarf and other breeds of hens here. And if you are not interested in such kinds of animals, you are welcome to look at our collection of pigeons. Here you will see homing pigeons, majestic representatives of the breed "King" and also pigeons under the enigmatic breed name "Polish lynx". The latter were bred inKrakowin 1840, graceful, calm, they are to be seen only at specialized exhibitions. Also, you can watch the proud Indian peacock.. These luxurious birds have become well-known through the literature and religion, art and legends during more than 3000 years.

And of course there are pheasants in our courtyard, you won’t find suchlike in the local forests. As for the young visitors, they must be very happy to see a little deer Bambi – their favorite cartoon character.