The infinity of generous forest gifts for an unforgettable vacation so that you can enjoy a great time in nature’s lap to your heart’s content.
We invite you to celebrate important events in the banquet hall "Zakamarok" or in our pavilions made of environmentally friendly materials.
Here you can sit with your family or friends in a warm cosy atmosphere near the fireplace and enjoy delicious dishes of Ukrainian home cuisine.
In the pavilions you have a great opportunity to meet in a narrow circle of friends or with a noisy company up to 300 people.
"Zakamarok" is designed for the sixty people who can dance, have fun and even sing karaoke. For the busy and happy holidays has opened a new banquet hall that can accommodate up to 400 people.

The best service, delicious food, fresh air and the beauty of Woodlands will amaze you, giving comfort to your soul and renewing your body.