Zhytomyr region is famous for its craftsmen and artisans, and Ukrainian ceramists have been doing an amazing pottery from ancient times till nowadays: jugs, bowls, pots, barrels - all this you can find in the gift shop, which is located in the complex "Filvarok." Souvenirs made of wicker and wood, ceramic figurines of the fairytales and legends characters for your home or garden, and other interesting things. And how pleased your relatives will be if they receive such a trinket as a gift! Could there be anything better in a cold winter day than warm slippers made of real sheepskin? And your room will get quite a different colouring if there is a fur carpet in the middle of it.

The proverb says "water flows - and time goes". Time does fly while the memories remain and give comfort to our hearts. Therefore, in the memory of your great holiday, get a souvenir each time looking at which your soul will blossom.