For many of us the best rest is the rest in nature’s lap. Flavored kebab, forest music, chirping of birds, pure fresh air - well, what else do you need?

The "Filvarok" complex prepared a nice gift for you. You have an opportunity to come here with your friends or family and to enjoy all this. Cosy pavilions, in which both a narrow circle of people and a big company up to 20 people will sit comfortably. You can bring food and firewood, or order all this right here. We are pleased to let you use our barbecue. And while  meat is being cooked, we suggest you travelling along the forest paths. How much mysterious and improbable things are in these landscapes! If you get tired, you can have a rest on the benches, which are situated right in the middle of lawns, and drink pure water out of our rill. Comfortable conditions and integrity of nature - this combination will make your rest unforgettable and will give you strength and energy.